Captured by Lorraine is located in Hampshire Illinois.

Why should you choose Captured by Lorraine Boudoir?  

Clients come to my studio for the transformative and healing experience which comes with a boudoir shoot. They come to my studio for that extra boost of self-esteem, or to celebrate themselves or a milestone in their lives.

I am very dedicated to my client’s happiness. I am trustworthy and passionate. I’m am also a great listener, helpful and very empathetic.

I have been on both sides of the camera so I know what it feels like to be vulnerable in front of it.

My goal is for you to leave the session feeling better about yourself than when you first walked in. I want you to know you are perfect just the way you are now!

Your session is personal and customized to meet your wants and needs. I meet with you a few weeks before to go over any questions and concerns you have. We also go over outfit choices and any ideas for the shoot which you may want/have.

I want to help you see yourself the way others see you and show you your real beauty. I want to make sure every woman leaves feeling better about herself than before she came in. I want her to know she’s perfect how she is.

I am the sole photographer and editor for my studio so no one else will have access to your photos. My hair and makeup staff are all females. I do not require you to sign a model release. I also will not share your photos without your written permission.

What is boudoir and who benefits from it? 

It gives you power, beauty and can even transform you.

It will help you renew the confidence in yourself and is very healing.

It’s girly dress up time! Some of you amazing moms might not get to have that often enough.

Boudoir is an experience.

Boudoir is NOT only for models, young women, skinny women, etc.

Boudoir is for ALL women of every age, shape and size! Every woman will benefit from a boudoir shoot. Whether it be a gift for your significant other, a gift for yourself, or you celebrating a milestone, I believe all woman should do a boudoir shoot.

Read our blog on why you should do a boudoir shoot (click here).

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